The Facial Jade-Roller (facial massage roller)

129 kr

A traditional beauty secret from the East, introduced in the West.

A facial roller that consists of 2 naturally cool stones which are used to massage the face in upward motion.

Why use a jade roller?


-Reduces puffiness

-Increases blood-circulation in face due to the massage from the stones.

-Promotes an anti-effect of getting fine lines.

-Improves elasticity by stimulating the skin.

-Relaxing for your facial muscles.

-An excellent way to capture in the moisture from your face serum/oil/cream.

The facial roller consists of two ends; one bigger roller and one smaller roller.

The bigger end can be used on the bigger areas of the face, whilst the small end can be used for smaller areas.

Roll away, tighten up, and get rid of that morning puffiness!